Treat your tights right

Making our legwear durable is a constant priority at STUDIO APHINO. By adding reinforced toes, knitted patterns and double knitted waistbands, the durability is increased. However, tights are still delicate pieces and in this guide we share our tips and recommendations on how to take care of them and how to make them last as long as possible.

Always stretch your legwear before use and after every wash. A simple way to do this is to step on the foot of the tights and stretch them upwards.

Moisturize your legs if you have a problem with your tights getting dusty, keeping your legs moisturized will help to prevent this.

Keep your nails smooth because chipped or broken nails are not compatible with tight. Keeping the edges of both your finger and toenails helps keep your tights safe.

Be careful around jewelry, like rings or other jewelry, as they can easily tear up the tights.

Choose the right size and size up if you are in between sizes. This will lower the risk of tearing the tights when putting them on.

Scrunch and pull to put the tights on. Scrunch the tights together and gently pull them up.

Wear socks on the outside of the tights. In colder seasons and in shoes that are spacious, use socks on the outside of the tights to protect them from wear and tear of rubbing against the shoe.

Wear socks on the inside of the tights. Even though our legwear has reinforced toes, wearing socks on the inside of your tights will give extra protection from the toenail.

Watch out for zippers on your shoes. Some shoes have zippers and it is very important to be cautious when zipping up and also when unzipping.

Hand wash your tights and let them air dry. Avoiding the washing machine and high temperatures will protect the fabric and help preserve the colors.

We recommend not washing your piece more than necessary to keep it in its best condition for as long as possible. If the piece isn't stained it can be left to air out to get rid of any smell. An option is to only wash the affected areas.

If a tear occurs…

The nail polish trick
If you discover a tear in your tights, use a clear nail polish to prevent additional tearing. Use as little as possible to avoid stiffness, but make sure to cover all the edges of the tear. Do this on both the outside and the inside of the tights to ensure that you have sealed the tear.

Do you have any tricks that are not mentioned?
We love a good hack and as always we would love to hear from you. Please share your hacks or recommendations with us at and we will update this guide continuously