What’s on the outside matters too

The APHINO pouch
To avoid unnecessary waste – especially plastics – all APHINO pieces are packed in reusable drawstring pouches in organic cotton. The pouch contains 100% Organically Grown Material, certified by Control Union CU811033. The cotton is farmed without pesticides, using natural methods – which means that it is better for the health of the farmers and their communities, and also better for the environment. The pouch is sustainably sourced from seed to finished product, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing, and is certified by Global Organic Textile Standard.

The APHINO pouch is meant to be practical and versatile. It can be used as a travel bag for your legwear piece – or any other piece of clothing for that sake. You might even use it to keep your keys easy at hand or gather your dice before going to a game night.

Locally printed cards
For STUDIO APHINO, a newly started and small business, every order means a lot. To show their appreciation, they have put extra effort in to creating Thank-You-cards that are thoughtfully designed and composed. 

A customers’ order is more than just a purchase to us and we want them to know that. Our aspiration is to create a special moment for our customers, by making every step of the shopping experience precious.

Grass paper envelope
When shipping orders, the product is placed in a padded envelope made from grass paper and 70% recycled materials, by a climate neutral company, powered by ClimatePartner CP-ID 53534-1402-1004. The bag is easy to recycle, by separating the plastic bubble liner and the paper.

Tell us what we can do better
STUDIO APHINO will always make an effort to do better and any thoughts, tips or recommendations on how we can improve is highly appreciated. If you have something on your mind, please email us at info@studioaphino.com