The Norwegian best friend duo founded STUDIO APHINO in 2021. With backgrounds in the fashion and advertising industry they share a mutual love for beautiful things. Both being eager thrift and second hand shoppers, they love searching for that special piece that makes you oh-so-excited. That is the feeling they want their customers to get from them.

With fast fashion we have kind of lost that special feeling you get when you buy something you’ve want so badly, when you really appreciate and cherish your new piece. We hope to give that feeling to our customers.

The whole shopping journey should be an experience. The most special moment should be when first getting your hands on your new piece. Unlike most legwear, APHINO pieces do not come wrapped around a paper piece in a plastic wrapper. The product is packaged in a reusable pouch in organic cotton – cause your special piece deserves a precious home. With this, you also recieve a thoughtfully designed Thank-You-card made from premium sustainable paper.

The Premiere Collection, consists of one pattern – The Diamond Tights – in six different colorways and the collection is meant to work for all seasons, which contributes to avoiding waste.

We offer seasonless collections because we believe this is one of the ways to create more sustainable fashion. 

There will be no sales similar to for example black week. The demand from the customers will disclose which patterns and colors that are popular and re-stock and which will not. So be sure to cop your favorite before it's (possibly) too late.